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  • 2017 Hot Tub Barn Christmas Card


    Our 2017 Christmas card was inspired by current world events and designed by Phil Andrews.

    Every year we try to have a bit of fun and bring a smile for Christmas. Continue reading

  • Our Latest Photoshoot

    On Thursday 3rd August we carried out a new photoshoot with four hot tubs, one from each range, and four models, two girls and two boys. We wanted to show off our new products in context, although it is great for you all to see the technical parts of the spas and seeing how many seats there are, we want you to be able to see what it will look like when you and your partner or friends sit in it to have a drink and a catch up or just relax under the stars. We want you to be able to imagine yourself in their place. Continue reading

  • Let Urban Lite Warm Up Your Winter

    January and February are normally so dull in the hot tub industry, the Christmas festivities just a distant memory, 'Dry January', the cold weather, dark nights and that impending credit card bill, then it’s not surprising that for many they are months to endure not enjoy. Continue reading

  • Down Side O'Mill

    It was 1997 and we had just moved our hot tub Showroom to its present location in Robjohns Road , Chelmsford.

    I was working the sales desk one afternoon in late Summer when the phone rang, I picked it up as you do and started a conversation which ended up with us selling a big hot tub to an address in Yorkshire for a quick delivery. Continue reading

  • Reflections on Our Early Years

    We have been thinking about our early years and the following story is one which happened in our first year and still makes Huw break out in a bit of a cold sweat (and a smile) ........... Continue reading

  • We celebrate our 20th Anniversary

    Where it all started …. In 1996 after a 3 month motorcycle tour of America Huw and Sarah Chivers returned to Chelmsford to open one of the UK’s very first Hot Tub shops. The first address was in Rivermead Industrial Estate, just behind the Anglia Ruskin university.

    showroom_2 am-dr-team carnival-resize Continue reading

  • New Oceana Delivered in Kent 

    Our customers are very happy with the delivery of their new Oceana into their barn in Sittingbourne, very pleased with how the cover lifters work. Continue reading

  • Bye Bye Atlantis -Hello Oceana

    Our display Riptide Atlantis has been sold to a customer in Kent so is on its way to our warehouse for a full check and clean. 

    In its place is a brand new Riptide Oceana which by Thursday will be full and ready to test swim. 

    Come down and have a look   Continue reading

  • Another Great Service From Hot Tub Barn 

    Mr Hance was very pleased and very happy. He said "Shaun did a fantastic job on the service and repairs can't wait to dive in.. " Continue reading

  • Hot Tub Barn's New Delivery Vehicle

    On 1st April 2016 Hot Tub Barn Ltd took delivery of their new delivery vehicle Continue reading

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